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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Black Pyramid - Live @ Roadburn Festival, Netherlands, 17-04-2011

NOTE: Black Pyramid is a sludge/doom metal band from Worcester, United States. The band was initially comprised of Andy Beresky (formerly of Palace In Thunderland) on vocals and guitar, Clay Neely (formerly of Artimus Pyledriver) on drums and David Gein (of gein and the graverobbers) on the bass guitar. The band plays a solid mixture of classic metal, stoner doom, and psychedelic rock, with clear influences drawn from Black Sabbath, Sleep, High On Fire and Electric Wizard. The band recently signed to MeteorCity for their full length debut, which was released in 2009 to much critical praise.

Source: Soundboard

01 And The Gods Made War
02 Visions Of Gehenna
03 Mirror Messiah
04 Endless Agony
05 Empty-Handed Insurrection
06 No Life King
07 Stormbringer
08 The Worm Ouroboros
09 Mercy´s Bane
10 Macedonia
11 Night Queen
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